Here is what others have to say about Pure Golf Performance.


“Before I met Scott my golf game was very inconsistent. My days on the course were more frustrating than enjoyable. After my first lesson I began to see immediate improvement and after just a few more lessons my game has progressed.  My shots are much longer and straighter, my scores have improved and most important, I’m having fun playing golf. Scott’s sessions will change your game and change your life. ”

“Pure Golf has improved my game by at least 5 strokes so far.  I have never been straighter and more consistent off the tee.  You have taught me how to finally understand proper hip motion in the swing creating consistently longer, straighter tee shots.  What a difference it makes not hitting 3 off the tee!!!!
I would say I went from an average 200 off the tee to on average 220( 210-245).  If I do everything correctly I am a consistent 230ish with my longest recorded drive comming in at 256!!
What a difference it makes when I can stand on the tee and have confidence that the ball is going straight.”

“Due to my knee pain my swing, mobility and flexibility was compromised.  I started seeing Nate for a series of sessions.  Nate started by giving me stretching exercises so I would be able to get full range of motion in my right knee.  Once I began getting my flexibility and strength back he tailored an exercise program to improve my golf game.  He focused on my mobility and posture which enabled me to get in the right position and hold it throughout my golf swing.  Nate is very knowledgeable about golf and he explained how the correct golf swing is supposed to work and which muscles should be used to generate the most power.

As the summer progressed and I continued to do the programs Nate set up for me on my handicap was going in the right direction.  I started in the spring as a 12 handicap and I finished the summer as a 6 handicap.  Along with my handicap being cut in half I earned the honor of being The Player of the Year at my club.  I attribute a good portion of the successful rehab and golf results to Nate.  I want to personally thank Nate and the great work he does.  I will highly recommend Nate to others.  I wish him all the best and continued success in his business of helping other people reach and exceed their goals.”


I give Scott and the TPI program at Pure Golf Performance the highest marks one can receive. Having done golf lesson after golf lesson, I wasn’t getting any better. Coaches would tell me to do this or that, but after years of practice, I was still struggling with the same techniques, getting frustrated and about ready to accept that this is as good as I could play. After going through my TPI evaluation, I realized that physically I was being held back, and all of a sudden it made sense. It wasn’t about running 5 miles a day or lifting 400 pounds that was going to make me a better golfer, but rather a focused and personalized approach to target my specific weaknesses. Each day I go to Pure Golf Performance, Scott, who is a very good golfer himself, asks me how I’m feeling , addressing any injuries and injury prevention first and foremost. Scott brings a unique advantage to TPI in that he’s also a Physical Therapist, so it’s a great bonus to get me back out on the course healthy each and every week. Next, Scott and I discuss my game and goals. If I’m having troubles with a hook or slice , he can quickly diagnose any weakness in my alignment, balance, or strength and we go to work on it in the gym.  Because of working with Scott, I’m healthier and playing better than ever. I’ve gained distance off of the tee and my ball striking is much more consistent.  If you love golf, and want to get back on the course this weekend and play your best round of your life I recommend you go through the TPI program at Pure Golf Performance.


My son and I signed up for evaluations at Pure Golf Performance.  We met with Scott and he was great.  Scott asked us each questions about what we wanted to get out of our session and then performed the individual TPI evaluation. He uses his knowledge of the body and movement to diagnose golf related issues. What he found with me made perfect sense on why I have a slice and don’t get in the slot.  The K Vest was a great experience as well.  It really helps to check if your body is firing in sync in the golf swing.  I have been diligent in my exercises and seeing the results.  My son had different goals and needs and his plan is working well for him as well.  We had our follow up meeting and have new drills  to work on improving our game.  It has been a great experience.  Scott brings energy and a passion for golf to the session. As a result of the first session where I gained an understanding of why I was having issues I shot 2 rounds under par.  Thanks Scott!


Hey Scott!!

Thanks for the new workouts.  Enjoying them already.  That plank matrix is a freaking beast.  Excited to dominate it.  On a cool note I achieved my best club head speed  and carry distance on trackman today!  Super pumped by it! 117.6 club head speed and 290yd carry. Personal goal for the next 3 months is 300y+ on an effort shot.  But already my average carry has gone from {265y to 275y} to (280-290).  Really encouraging stuff.