During conversation at a recent Milwaukee Bucks game my friend said something that led me to write this post.

“My 70 year old co-worker told me his secret to moving well – never push off the arm rests when getting out of a chair”

This seems like such a simple concept.  However, throughout the day I see countless people levering with their arms to get up out of seated surfaces.  There is a lot of merit to this statement.  THINK: use it or lose it.

One of our rockstar Pure Golf clients is a gentleman in his 80s who still has a flawless toe-touch.  When asking how he has maintained it over the years he answered:  “years ago my doctor told me the importance of hamstring flexibility.  To maintain this flexibility he challenged me to always shave and brush my teeth with one leg propped on the sink.”  This helped him maintain his hamstring length throughout the years.  How does that translate?  Last year he played more rounds than all my friends…combined…  Oh, and he consistently shoots around par and hits his driver 250 yards.

Here are some simple tasks to do that will help you maintain your movement throughout the years:

  1. Touch your toes daily, if you can’t, work to touch your toes daily
  2. Get out of chairs using your LEGS, not your arms
  3. Get on and off the ground.  When you do it use the lunge position and alternate which leg you put in front.
  4. Rotate – remember, you’re a golfer and golfers need to rotate.  Lets find some time during the day to incorporate rotation into your daily routine.
  5. Balance – you should be able to stand on a single leg for 15-20 seconds…with your eyes CLOSED.  Most people we see can’t stand for that period of time with their eyes open.  This is simple to work on.
  6. Ankle mobility – walk with your feet pointing straight ahead, not like a duck or a pigeon.

Don’t incorporate all these changes on day 1, but keep them in mind.  Often the simplest things can have the most profound impact on your daily wellness and movement quality.

Pure Golf starts with quality movement.